Groot and Prime Servers

Our local resident Rveyn has applied to link two additional servers; Groot and Prime. Both are currently in the testing phase of linking. Truenos will be an oper for Groot. Sony has been added as […]


London Server delinked

We are sad to say that the London server was delinked due to issues with the host. Truenos was moved over to another server but will continue to be an oper at EvilNet.


QuoServers and Wicked

Two servers have been voted for a permanent link at EvilNet. We want to congratulate both servers (rVn and Quo-fan) admins for this accomplishment. We look forward to making this network prosper. 


New Team Members

WE would like to personally welcome a few new team members to EvilNet.  QueenElsa is an oper on Amsterdam server. The NetAdmin is Ritche. Sony is an oper on Cerberus server. The NetAdmin is smike. Yoonix […]