product-icon-switching-routing11/14/2017 Amsterdam has been granted PERMLINK. Congratulations to Ritche!

product-icon-switching-routing11/14/2017 #help becomes the official EvilNet help Channel. #EvilNetNews is the official news channel for the site! Thanks Nite for the great ideas!!!

product-icon-switching-routing11/13/2017  Get your custom vhosts at #vhosts

product-icon-switching-routing11/13/2017 We would like to Welcome ET-SR and Chalcedony to the members of IRCop. We are glad to have you on board.

product-icon-switching-routing 11/13/2017 – Cerberus was granted a PERMLINK.  We would like to congratulate Smikes to the team!

product-icon-switching-routing 11/12/2017- Saints was granted a PERMLINK. Congratulations to Christi.

product-icon-switching-routing10/05/2016 – SiliconValley has been granted a test link.

product-icon-switching-routing10/04/2016 – SiliconValley is currently being voted on for test link.

product-icon-switching-routing09/30/2016 – Greyhats server was granted test link. The Net Admin is Beethoven and his op is Hulk. Welcome them to the team.
product-icon-switching-routingSUMMER 2016 – UnderX no longer part of EvilNET IRC NETWORK

product-icon-switching-routing01/06/2016 – We would like to welcome the newly Merged guys from UnderX network. Please see the servers page for their servers to connect to them or use for any server. UnderX Welcome!

product-icon-switching-routing11/24/2015 – Today a new server has been linked into our network is available now. We support SSL-encrypted connections on ports 6697 and 9998